Monday, 15 December 2008

Cycling back on the right road !!

Well if you had any doubts last night confirmed it. Cycling is well and truly back on the right road. At the Sports Personality of the Year Awards cycling was represented in three of the major categories. Team of the Year Award went to the British Olympic cycling team. The cycling team won 14 medals in Beijing this year-8 of those were GOLD! Cycling also claimed the Coach of the Year Award-David Brailsford who is British Cycling Director of Performance collected this award. The BIG ONE - The Sports Personality of the Year was won by Chris Hoy. The last (and only) time that this award was won by a cyclist was way back in 1965. In that year it was Tommy Simpson who was presented with the trophy. This year the British Cycling Team dominated the Olympic Games and the awards collected last night were justly won. The spin off of all this? Well cycling is now seen as cool! Helped by the so called credit crunch the sales of bikes has increased dramatically and that's not just mountain bikes. The sales of road bikes has increased as well and this must be as a direct result of the success of the British Cycling Team. Hopefully more youngsters will join their local cycling club and go on to follow in the slipstream of the great cyclists that collected the trophies last night.

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