Thursday, 23 April 2009

AGM-This weekend.

This weekend (Fri to Sun 24th to 26th of April) the Backpackers Club is holding it's AGM in the Peak District. I WILL NOT BE ATTENDING! This will be the first time for a number of years that I have not been to the AGM. The reason? Well John Hee touched on some of it in his report on the 2008 AGM in his blog. Let me explain some of my reasons for not attending this year.(My opinions only of course)Being crammed together in a field with some people who appear to not be aware that other's are also camping there.(noise!!) The politics that always seem to go with Club AGM's. What seem to be quite reasonable questions being pushed to one side with the statement 'we are running out of time so we must move on'. In my opinion more time should be allowed for all questions to be answered fully- after all that is the purpose of an AGM isn't it?-members having an opportunity to have their questions and queries answered. For a number of years now I have felt that the entire meeting itself is just bulldozed along at speed almost as if to get it over and done with. It all seems a total waste of time!! It's a long way to go just to feel frustrated by it all. So this year we have a Dorset Group Spring Static meet as an alternative and even if I am the only member there I know that I will enjoy it more than the AGM.


John Hee said...

Well unsurprisingly I won't be there either PT. Although I was having some 2nd thoughts yesterday, but that was more to do with the gear stands & meeting up with acquintances rather than anything to do with the BPC.
Which puits it all in a nutshell I guess.
Who knows -you may even see me for one night this weekend - already getting withdrawal symptoms at being stucj indoors at night

stourvale walker said...

John Hee,
it's at The Sisters Grimm tonight
and they like a quiet campsite!

Londonbackpacker said...

Without going into to much detail that's partial why I stopped being the SE London liaison and eventually give up my membership.

It was nice last year to meet up with some of the outdoor bloggers and see some of my old friends from the BPC; although I did get some funny looks from some of the committee that know me from the past.

Have a good weekend :-)