Friday, 8 January 2010


I was chatting with a friend recently and as he is a big cycling fan the conversation turned to cycling equipment .(what a surprise) He asked me what were my three favourite items of cycling kit from 2009. I didn't hesitate-
On my Touring bike it has to be my BROOKS TEAM PRO SADDLE. In fact this was my overall favourite item in 2008 as well.
I used the saddle to ride the LEJOG in 2008 and I also used it in 2009 whilst riding the Atlantic Coast Challenge Ride.
It sustained some cosmetic damage in the crash that I had, but that was all sorted with some fine emery paper and black shoe polish. The deep scratches I managed to smooth out with the emery paper and the job was finished off with the black polish. Try doing that with a plastic and gel saddle.!!
The reason I rate it so highly is the total comfort and support it gives particularly on a multi day long distance endurance ride. Yes-I know that it seems a hard saddle- but over time it adopts the shape of your rear end. Put in the miles and it just gets better and better. I find that most gel style saddles just do not offer enough rear end support over the longer distances.
The next two items can be found on my Felt Sportive bike-
The wheels -as well as looking fantastic -are amazingly stiff delivering maximum power to the road. For hill climbing they are great- they don't flatten the hill but they do seem to make the effort easier and accelerating with them can be a totally exhilarating experience.
The tyres- are a perfect match for the wheels. They are good for both wet and dry conditions offering super grip capabilities and they also give a very supple and comfortable ride.
I really can't wait to get out on my bikes and start using these 'favourites' again....!


Mark said...

These look nice wheels - and (aside from the frame) more than any other component good wheels make the ride better. We've started using vredestien tyres on road and track bikes - they go up to 175psi which is just ridiculous. Continental supersonic do something similar.

But I have to say my favourite piece of kit is my poste moderne suspension seat post! Can't tell you how much better the ride is.

Trevor Woodford said...

I run the open corsa tyres at 145 psi-
I'll check out the poste moderne suspension seat post.