Sunday, 11 April 2010


After the good weather enjoyed by everyone yesterday we awoke to a much colder day today. It started off cloudy but by the time that it took for me to consume another 'Hungry Camper' breakfast the sun had broken through. A second cup of coffee and a chat with Howard and the day had started to warm up.
After the usual last minute conversations club members headed off in various directions for their return trips home. Some left on foot but the majority were on two wheels.
Mike-Chris-Peter and I were the last to leave. We all cycled back to Wimborne together where Mike and Chris headed off towards Colehill and Peter and I carried on through Wimborne until we got to the Merley traffic lights- Peter headed onto the Castleman Trailway and I stuck to the roads being an out and out Roadie!!
In all it was a great weekend- great to see old friends again and great to have such good weather.

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