Sunday, 5 February 2012


Further to my last post and checking out the various riders that will be competing in this event.....two riders are of particular interest to me.....

The first rider whom I would like to draw attention to is STUART LANSDALE.
Stuart is based down here in Dorchester the county town. 
It would appear that he is the youngest of the riders competing at 21 years old. 
His route means he plans to travel east. 
He will be riding a Steel Framed Dawes bicycle which will be shod with Schwalbe Marathon Plus tyres. 
The regular readers of this blog will be aware that these are the tyres that my cycling buddy JD used on his bike on our ROCK2UK ride back from Gibraltar...JD swears by them so I am sure that they will serve Stuart well. 
Stuart's previous cycling experience is UK to Berlin plus he has also done various Trekking trips including The Wonderland Trail in the USA.....the Annarpurna Base Camp Trek and he also hiked the GR20 in Corsica.

The other rider who has attracted my attention is MARTIN WALKER.
Now Martin has actually taken time out from what is obviously a busy time of preparation, to contact me here at 'Purple Towers'. (Check out my comments box for my last post)
Martin is based in London and is 38 years of age and he is another of the riders who will be setting off in an easterly direction. 
He will be riding an upgraded Rose ProSL 2000 with an aluminium frame. His bike is also shod with Schwalbe tyres but his choice is for the Ultremo ZX's. 
Interestingly Martin  has had no previous cycle challenge experience and he describes himself as just an ordinary Joe..

I am sure that you, like me, will be following the progress of both these guys once they set off on this event on the 18th February....Let us all wish them well and the very best of luck to them and also the other riders, on this fantastic adventure that they are embarking on.

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