Monday, 29 April 2013

First Day at 10in10 Training Camp

Today was the first Day of our training camp. All the guys have met up at the Church Farm campsite at Sixpenny Handley . We did a short ride as a leg spinner followed by coffee back at camp. One of the great things about having an Italian on the team is we are having genuine Italian coffee.....he even brought his own coffee machine with him!!!!!  Check it out in today's photo. More from 10in10 training camp tomorrow.


Peter Roberts said...

Now that part of the training I could manage!

jeff said...

Yes, I would be excited about good coffee too. Good luck!

Steve A said...

I sure hope that coffee maker isn't only powered by a bike hub generator!

Michael Wagner said...

Camping in luxury. How is that thing powered?

Trevor Woodford said...

*Peter Roberts*
Training the 'Trevor' Way Peter....

All the comforts of home Jeff...well nearly.

*Steve A*
We tried to get Steve our mechanic to pedal power a generator, but he just plugged the coffee machine into a mains supply :-)

*Michael Wagner*
Luxury indeed's actually plugged into a mains supply from the Team's Motorhome..