Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Stage Five

<p>&lt;p&gt;We are now in France after also cycling through part of Germany. We will be dipping in and out of these countries tomorrow as well. This means we are at 6in5 and halfway through the ride.&lt;br&gt;<br>
It's taking its toll on some of the team. Jon seems to have lost<br>
strength in his left hand making gear changing difficult &amp; the daily mileage and ascending each day is pushing the team to their limits.....
As I was a long day...we have just had a meal cooked by Lorenzo so now it's off for some shut eye.


Rulebritannia said...

I know despite the discomfort Jon will conquer this. Keep going fellas.

J_on_tour said...

It's easy to say from the comfort of an armchair that you are doing & keep going, but there are times like this that you need to overcome difficulties on the trip.

limom said...

Halfway there!