Friday, 13 May 2011


Following the Annual Dorset Bike Ride Event that I posted about last time I thought that I would contact Mike and see if he fancied coming for a ride with JD and myself on Tuesday. We were planning a 60 mile ride on our Lulworth loop. 
Unfortunately Mike works for himself as a Photographer and he needed to work that day, so it was just JD and myself on the ride.Since then I have found out that Mike probably wouldn't  have been able to do the ride anyway as his knees were still playing him up following the Dorset Ride. He even told me that he was only able to walk upstairs backwards....!  So this week Mike has been resting up in order for him to recover, ready for our French Touring trip starting next Tuesday.
 I have managed to ride at least 50 miles each day this week, but I must admit that each circuit has been a bit of a coffee & tea shop ride. The Lulworth Cove Coffee shop and the Moreton Tea Rooms have figured strongly during this weeks training..!!  There is nothing better than a tea shop is almost a tradition on club rides. The Moreton Tearooms are very typically English and the building is a converted old school house. I know of at least four locally based cycling clubs that regularly stop off there.
 Coffee and flapjacks are one of my favourites....Dorset applecake is another. With the nice sunny weather we have been having, it is really nice sitting in the teashop gardens enjoying a chat a coffee and a piece of cake.....  It doesn't seem to slow our cycling performance either, in fact this past week JD has been putting in some good averages and he has also improved his climbing speeds. He told me that he still finds that he is grinding uphill.....just quicker.
This weekend I will finish packing everything ready for France and I plan on making another post before I leave.
I Hope you all enjoy your weekend and manage to get out for at least one ride.


Steve A said...

YOUR coffee seems to be much less black than mine.

BTW, though the one helmet looks like wood borers have been at it, it also looks VERY elegant.

Trevor Woodford said...

Steve A*
I always have coffee with cream if I am cycling otherwise I do drink it black.
As for my is a 'Catlike Whisper Plus' a Spanish helmet and as is often quoted on the Flat Tire blog...'Image Is Everything'.

limom said...

Purple One Kenobi has spoken.
Catlike helmet for ultimate image boost.

limom said...

By the way, looking forward to images of the Continent.
I'm part French you know.
Okay, not really.
About the French part.

John Romeo Alpha said...

It would appear that you did achieve an excellent miles-per-flapjack ratio. I wonder what the comparable ratio will be in France-- km per brioche, or something similar?

Gail said...

A tea shop ride sounds very agreeable. And mega impressed with your mileage every day!

Carmen y Alfonso said...

You must be a pleasure to be in the garden with that delicious coffee. We're eager to see your reports in France.

Jason said...

A tea shop ride ... what a fun idea. Great photos too, of the bike helmets on the tables. Good luck as you prepare for France.

rlove2bike said...

Not many places for me to stop where I am at, but it does sound enjoyable. I like the photos you load up...I click for big on all of them. It allows me see a part of the world I have not been.


Anonymous said...

Coffee cookie and banana! I also like them :)
You are cycling at a very nice place!
I am waiting for posts of your travel to France!