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Friday 14 May 2021

Going to plan ....

 I am now half way through my third round of chemotherapy and things seem to be going to plan. 

During last month I continued with my 20 minute turbo rides when I was feeling good and so far this month I have been increasing my turbo time on each ride and I am now up to 48 minutes.

 The plan is to continue to increase the time throughout the month so that at the beginning of June I will be able to move onto riding my new bike out on the local roads. That is my plan. 

In order to give myself the motivation to keep going I have bought complete new kit...Jersey.  Bibshorts. Shoes. Socks. All-in the same colour as the bike which is Black. Red. Anthracite. 

New bike new kit just makes sense to me.It certainly gives me the motivation to keep going when it would be easier to just let the cancer take over....  

Looking further ahead I am hoping to be able to do a bikepacking ride next year with my mate JD. So again taking positive thoughts about it I bought some bikepacking bags. A Topeak front loader and backloader. I hope that my longer term positive plans come to fruition as I would be a bit upset if I ended up not being around to use the bags.... I hate wasting money . Lol.

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