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Wednesday 21 July 2010








Monday 12 July 2010


As I mentioned in my last posting I was really dissapointed not being able to go to Howard's cyclepacking weekend. It was the first time that the bloody cancer I have has stopped me doing something that I wanted to do. It almost feels like a failure.
Not wishing me to feel too left out of things the Guys sent me some pictures as the weekend unfolded.
It certainly looks as if there was a good turnout for the event judging by the first picture.
The next shot is of Howard drinking a nice cool pint. The message attached to this photo was as follows:
"This is your pint! We want paying for it. You can transfer it into Howard's account. Cheers." I won't make any further comment on that!!
The last picture is of the group on a lunch stop. Chris and Peter are demonstrating where I would have been sitting if I had managed to attend the weekend meet.
Howard is sitting there with a gash in his leg caused by him not looking where he was going-(nothing changes). That will teach him to drink my pint.....!!

Thursday 8 July 2010


I felt pretty tired at the end of the four day charity ride I completed with JD last Sunday- but not anywhere close to the fatigue I am currently experiencing.

Following the ride- Monday saw the start of the next stage in my treatment programme.
This consists of me visiting the Dorset Cancer Unit based at Poole Hospital every day Monday to Friday (I get two rest days at the weekend). At the Cancer Unit I get to stretch out on my back beneath the large rotating arm of a linear accelerator while this very clever machine does its best to kill off what could kill me.

Amongst the many and various side effects that a patient might suffer I seem to be affected by a feeling of fatigue. I have felt less tired after cycling 70+miles than I am feeling at the moment after 10 to 15mins a day of Radiotherapy.

Another spin off in having to attend the unit each day is the disruption to my plans for cycling and backpacking etc. For the past few years Howard K a fellow member of the Backpackers Club has arranged a Cyclepacking weekend at this time of year. In 2008 I was unable to attend because my Father died and then in 2009 I was unable to attend due to the cycling accident I had-broken collarbone and ribs saw to that. Now this year due to my daily treatment I am unable to attend again. My original plan had been to cycle to the start over two days and return over two days at the end of the weekend- with the daily appointments that plan is not possible. This evening Mike McEnnerney and Peter Calcutt popped over to see me and check out if there was a way of getting me and bike to the meet in the back of Mike's Land Rover but unfortunately the bike would not fit. Thanks for trying guys...! Oh well I can only hope that I will manage to attend next year. Sorry Howard.

Now what can I do over this weekend? I know- I will be forced to watch the Tour De France as the Pro Peloton reaches the mountains- not much hardship after all.

Sunday 4 July 2010


Well we have done it. John and I finished our ride at Ringwood at about 1715 hours today. We arrived to a suprise reception with a huge support - a lot to take in when you have been stuck to a bike saddle for four days. All very welcome though and it certainly made the gruelling effort very worthwhile. I even got to meet Dawn who apparently is the number one fan of the Purpletraveller Blog . Nice to meet you Dawn! ! For anyone who thinks riding 100 miles a day is easy just take a look at the state of Johns saddle at the end of the ride. I promise you it was pristine before we started. John tells me his posterior is in an even worse state- just doesnt bear thinking about does it? Its not a picture any sane person wants to be stuck with! As on previous days we have had support in the form of a brother cyclist joining us for a couple of stages of our route. For everyone who rode with us for sections of our route a huge thankyou - your support and help really did contribute to the total success of the ride. As always it was a great adventure riding with John and I really enjoyed being part of a superb ride for such a worthwhile cause. Before i sign off from this posting i must mention the vehicle escort we had from Fordingbridge all the way to Ringwood. Hazard lights flashing the car led up all the way carving a safe path for us. It was just like being in the Tour de France talking of which i will now settle down and catch up on the recordings of the first two days of that great sporting event. As a nation we might not be able to play football but we have eight guys in the Tour who can certainly ride bikes.

Saturday 3 July 2010

Day three .

Today started early at 0600hrs and out on the road at 0715. We did a huge loop taking in Borden - Alton - Farnham - Aldershot - Farnborough - Basingstoke and finishing at Andover, We even had other riders meet up with us and lead up to each of the centres which was a huge help not having to navigate- thanks guys it was great riding with you! I did manage a 14. Per cent hill fully loaded with panniers- i was the only rider who managed it- but then i really love hills. A ride is not a good ride if it doesnt have a mountain to climb! The section between Basingstoke and Andover coming at the end of the day was hard as by this time we were tired and the road was a bit lumpy. Also the road surface was difficult to roll on properly. Still we are here now- tired but feeling good for tomorrow which is our last day.

Friday 2 July 2010

Day two

We have now completed the second day of the ride. Everywhere we have been we have had loads of support. The picture shows our two faithful steeds leaning against the exit gantry of the ferry from Fishbourne to Portsmouth. The deck hand assured me that they only lose two or three bikes a week when the gantry is lowered. We are now at PETERSFIELD and tonight we are sleeping indoors at the Masonic hall. The biggest problems we have had have been the humidity and the country set in their 4x4 driving little Jessica home from school!

Thursday 1 July 2010

First day.

Here is a picture of John with just a few of the envelopes he is delivering over the next few days. Today he had loads of support from cyclists on the Isle of Wight. I have met up with him at a campsite near Wootton Bridge. Tomorrow we head back to the mainland to continue the ride.

Six weeks off.

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