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Thursday 26 November 2009

A Solution.

This picture was taken on the Team 219 Atlantic coast challenge ride in June.
During one of the many trips we made to various cycle shops in France (to have John's wheels repaired) this cycle and trailer set up was spotted sitting in the front window at one of the shops.
John has recently informed me that if my health doesn't recover for next years planned rides he is going to make me ride in a trailer similar to this-he of course will be up front spinning the pedals.
If I ever had an incentive to recover as quick as possible this must be it.
John also told me that his first idea was a tandem but he discounted that idea because he said that I would want to be up front-not a good idea with dodgy eyesight.

Sunday 22 November 2009

Wait and See ?

I must start this entry with an apology for the lack of postings over the recent past. Unfortunately I have had another emergency visit to the hospital. On Monday I suffered a further major bleed in my left eye. This time it was so bad that it managed to detach the retina and I was informed that if I didn't have surgery straight away than it was unlikely that I would ever regain the sight in that eye again.
Next thing I knew I was being wheeled into an operating theatre- from there on I remember nothing. When I woke up I could still not see anything out of the eye and it felt as if someone had been playing marbles with it-however the Nurses and Doctors were first class and I now have to play a 'wait and see' game- ie: If I Wait I Might See.

Sunday 8 November 2009

Mission Accomplished..........!!

Mission Accomplished- that was the text message I received from Dave(Broom Wagon)Vaughan this afternoon. Yes Dave has managed to beat the 'Hill of Death' on his Sunday ride today.

He tells me that on the last section of the hill where it kicks up steeply he was in bottom gear but his legs were not exactly spinning- in fact he had to talk to himself in very tough language in order to complete that final and steepest section.

But he did it and is now a full card holding member of Team 219.
Well done Dave..!

I look forward to racing him up the hill sometime in the spring just as soon as I have recovered from treatment. I always like to give a bit of a head start so keep concentrating on the training Dave I should only be about three months behind you..........!!

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