Friday, 31 July 2015

That's another month gone..!

So it's the last day of July and that means we have been on this trip for four months.....
It doesn't seem possible...the time just seems to have flown by.

None of the gilt of this adventure has worn off..both Anne and I are enjoying it just as much as the day we set off, even though at the moment we have had to restrict the distance we actually travel....

The weather looks like it has improved slightly since my last post and today was a very sunny one....I made the most of it by getting out for a ride.
Cycling in North Devon can be a bit tough as the roads seem to go constantly up and down and some of the gradients are a real challenge, that coupled with the very narrow roads and the large trucks that use the narrowest of lanes means you do need to have your wits about you as well as being reasonably fit...

Anne and I are still working through the walks in the book that we were given as well as getting out and visiting some of the local towns.

We now have just over another week here and we aim to make the most of this lovely area....
On a local walk....Another one ticked off.
Our pitch at Acorn Farm.
A view of Great Torrington our nearest town
Another view of Great Torrington

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