Thursday, 7 January 2010


I have recently made some small changes to this blog site.

It has come about from feedback that I have had from some of my regular readers. You will see that I have now included both my name and my picture in the 'about me' column as well as making some changes to the blog title header and the text colour in various other areas on the site.

As well as the slight alterations made to this site I have also started another blog. It is called 'AURA OF PAST SHADOWS'.

This new site is of a totally diferent nature to 'PURPLETRAVELLER' as it is confined purely to one photo project that is ongoing and has nothing in common with the subjects that 'PURPLETRAVELLER' covers. Because of this it is likely that this new blog will not be of interest to my current and regular readers- however I have placed a link to 'AURA OF PAST SHADOWS' in the link column for you to make up your own mind...!

1 comment:

Alan Sloman said...

I like it: Bright and cheerful.

Good luck for 2010, Trevor.