Saturday, 23 January 2010


Due to my on-going hospital treatment over the next few months I will not be getting too much in the way of new material for my blog postings.
Because of this I thought that I would use this time to look back over some of my previous trips both backpacking and cycling.
April 2007 saw me walking the Ffordd y Bannau or The Beacons Way as we English folk know it.
This was a week long solo backpacking trip that I enjoyed immensely helped by the superb weather.
I remember setting out from Abergavenny on a Sunday morning with the most glorious weather and thinking to myself how lucky I was with no work for the next seven days.

The pictures I have included in this posting were taken on the Hatterrall Hill before I descended into the Llanthony Valley to camp over night.

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