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Wednesday, 13 August 2008

LEJOG- The Route.

A number of people have been asking what route the team intend taking when we attempt our LEJOG in September.
The general route is marked out in the picture but the details are as follows:

Day 1-Land's End to Okehampton
Day 2-Okehampton to Bristol
Day 3-Bristol to Shrewsbury
Day 4-Shrewsbury to Preston
Day 5-Preston to Carlisle
Day 6-Carlisle to Irvine
Day 7-Irvine to Fort William
Day 8-Fort William to Dornoch
Day 9-Dornoch to John O'Groats

I have listed the main towns that we will finish close to each day. Depending on weather-possible breakdowns (that's on the bikes, not the riders hopefully) fitness etc we might finish each day either slightly short or maybe even just beyond each of the places shown.
We will be travelling down to Land's End on Tuesday 9th September and if we arrive early enough we might well start by doing the first 40miles that afternoon. That would take us to St Agnes and by doing this we will be able to break ourselves into the routine more gently. It would mean that the first stage, which is accepted as being one of the toughest days, would be a bit easier to complete.
In my last blog posting I told you about a chest infection that I had picked up. Since then the situation got worse. I arrived at work one day and found that I was having great difficulty in breathing. I went straight to the Doctor and was told that it would be better NOT to ride the bike in to work-take some time off-and I was prescribed some Antibiotics to help with the infection. The result was that I was off work for 4 days and so far I have not ridden a bike for almost 2 weeks. The infection is now clearing up and it is my intention to start riding again this coming weekend. This break in riding is the longest that I have not been on a bike this year. With that sort of lay-off I reckon that I will need to put the stabilisers back on !!!

For those of you who have given us your support and made a donation ,thankyou very much both for the donation and your belief in our ability to complete the distance-we are certainly going to give it everything we've got as we have done during training. For those of you yet to show your financial support, may I remind you of our Charity webpage where you will find details of the charity we are doing this for and where you can make your donation online.
Go to :-www.justgiving.com/revproteamride

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