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Saturday 11 October 2008

Last Days of Summer?

Two weeks ago we had good weather for our Backpacker Club static weekend and as we aproached this weekend the weather forecast was good again. After the poor summer that we have had it seems more important than ever to take advantage of any good weather that seems to come our way. Not having purchased an 'Elliptigo' the first thing that I had to do was make the choice of Walk Run or Cycle. It was easy to eliminate going for a run as I don't do running! It has never really appealed to me. All that thumping along the pavement while you get covered in perspiration - no not for me and anyway most of the people that I see out for a run don't look as if they are enjoying it all that much. Now walking that's more my thing. It seems a more fluid movement than running and most of those that I meet out walking whether its Hill walking -Trekking-Backpacking -a Walk in the Country or even a walk to the corner shop all seem to be enjoying themselves. However I really wanted to cover some mileage this weekend and see as much of the autumn countryside as I could, so when Jason Boynton-Lee phoned me up on Friday night and said 'Red sky at night shepherds delight- do you fancy going for a cycle ride on saturday' my decision was made.
At 1000hrs this morning Jason and I headed off on our bikes. Getting out of the Bournemouth area was as always the usual struggle with cars starting and stopping and generally clogging up all the roads. After about 10 miles we got through Wimborne and out on the B3078 towards Cranborne then left on the B3081 passing through Sixpenny Handley and Tollard Royal down the zig zag hill and into Shaftesbury. We had coffee and cakes with the bikes taking a rest leaning against a nearby wall (see picture). After our well earned break we set off on our return journey with a very stiff climb up to Melbury Down. The views were superb with dry roads and a few crisp freshly fallen leaves finding their way under our tyres as we zipped along the ridge line. The run back was great passing through all the Tarrants- Gunville- Monkton-Rawston and Rushton. Just before Tarrant Keyneston we took a left on to the B3082 passing Badbury Rings before heading into Wimborne and the return to Bournemouth. It was a superb ride with perfect weather and going through some wonderful countryside. One of those rides that you remember. Details of the ride:- 68.43 miles - 4.39 hours actual cycling time - 15.58 mph average speed - 35.2 top speed - calories burned 4113.


Anonymous said...

you could of had coffee and cakes at our house Dad, seeing as we live in Wimborne!

Anonymous said...

Just realised the date as well,MY BIRTHDAY!!!

Six weeks off.

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