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Wednesday, 3 December 2008

58 Nights!

I have spent the last few days stuck at home with a bad cold. As each day passed I found myself getting more and more bored. It is funny the things that you find yourself doing when boredom sets in. I decided to look back over my diary and see how many nights I had spent in a tent this year. 58 nights. Now this might seem a reasonable number but further checking showed that last year I managed to spend 81 nights in a tent. I had really got into this now so I started to check back even further: 2006 was 82 nights and 2005 was 84 no less. This year with the death of my father I had to cancel a couple of my planned trips hence the drop in number. Not content with this I thought that I would check back over the last ten years and was surprised to find that during the ten year period 1998 through 2008 I have spent a grand total of 738 nights in a tent. This includes all types of camping trip- backpacking - car camping - cycle touring and campsites -farmers fields and wild. It then dawned on me that this was 2 years in 10 years spent in a tent or, every 5 years I am spending 1 of them tucked up in my sleeping bag inside one of my tents. Funny thing boredom. If you find yourself off work with a cold this winter check back through your diaries, you might surprise yourself. Now where are my diaries dating back to the early seventies!!!......

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Anonymous said...

Oh my, you are bored, aren't you! However, I'm sure that your calculation of spending 1 year out of 5 tucked up in your wee tent cheered you up no end! Just read your blog about the SH weekend. We found it was hard work cycling home and you're right, the gusts of wind certainly made for scary cycling! Hope you soon shake off the cold! Chris Mac

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