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Monday, 12 January 2009

Start of a REVOLUTION.

Revolution...act of revolving...one complete turn....great change of policy or ideas.
Revolutionary....one who participates in a revolution.

There is a revolution taking place!!.... What better way for the start of 2009 to begin than some major changes and I am not talking about the Government and the Economy.
Those of you who follow this blog on a regular basis will be aware that last year I obtained another bike to add to the Felt and the Dahon. The bike I took delivery of was a Revolution Country Traveller. This model is a Touring bike ideal for a wide variety of uses and is only available from the Edinburgh Bicycle Co-operative.
I liked the bike a lot having bought it solely on the recommendation of an article I had read in Cycling plus magazine.
In October Peter Calcutt (member of Dorset Group /Backpackers Club ) bought one after having seen mine and having read the same article.
A few weeks before Christmas Jason Boynton-Lee ( member of this year's ACR team ) phoned me at home to inform me that he had also placed an order for a Revolution Country Traveller. He took delivery of the bike just before the festive season.
Last Friday John Donoghue (2008 LeJog team and also ACR team member) phoned me and told me that he too had just placed an order for 'The Revolution' and that it would be delivered this Thursday and about two hours later yet another phone call this time from Gareth Morns (2008 LeJog team member) informing me that he also had just placed an order for a 'Revolution' again with delivery expected this Thursday.
All of this goes to show the effect that a positive review in a magazine can have.
As soon as I can arrange a photo of all 'The Revolutionaries' -with their Revolution bikes- I will post it on this blog.
The Revolution is not motorised....................!

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