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Friday 19 February 2010


The last time that I rode a bike out on the road was 21st September last year. That is five months ago. Regular visitors to this blog will know the reasons why I have been confined to an indoor trainer for all this time-well last week I had the go ahead from the hospital to get back on a bike out on the open road. All is not perfect yet as I still have 8 to 12 weeks of radiotherapy to get through but having said that- today was a special day.

I woke up this morning to bright sunshine and decided that today would be my first outing on a bike for five months. I must admit that I was a little nervous after such a long lay-off and the plan was to only venture out on my hybrid as it is probably the easiest of my bikes to ride.

The ride seemed to go well. Not a great distance for this first trip (15miles) and I kept my speed down to an average of just 13.75mph and a top speed of just 23mph as I was paranoid about potholes and wasn't disappointed as they seemed to be everywhere. The local roads have really deteriorated since last summer. As it was a pothole that caused my crash at the end of the ACCR last June I had no wish to repeat the experience hence the paranoia.

I tackled a couple of the local hills and was pleasantly suprised that I managed them in a smaller rear cog than I managed last year-must be all those hours spent on the trainer plus my reducing weight. About mid December last year I had a wake up call on my weight. All those weeks of sitting around following the crash and subsequent medical problems had caused my weight to increase to 15 stone-the highest it has ever been. I embarked on a strict weight loss programme of my own devising and have been losing a steady 2 pounds a week since then. By 31st March I will have hit my first target of 12 stone 7 pounds and by the Duncton Sportive on 5th May I will be 11 stone 11 pounds which is my final target weight.

So there you have it- I have 11 weeks to continue to get fit enough -light enough and confident enough on the bike in order to beat last years bronze banding at Duncton at the same time as starting the treatment on a 5 days a week basis. But hey- I can only function if I have a challenge.


Ratdog said...

Whew, I didnt know, but congratulations on getting back on.....

Ben said...

15 miles first time out is amazing you have obviously been working hard on that trainer. After my operation I started with 3 mile walks and gradually increased it a mile a day. Good luck with the rest of your treatment.

Alan Sloman said...

It's great to hear that you are doing so well - you must tell me how you are managing the incredible feat of 2 lbs a week!
I am failing miserably on the weight loss - but our target weights do seem to be very similar!

TrevorW�� said...

Thanks guys for the words of support.

Alan/ The diet is based on a calorie deficit of 7000 a week. This is achieved by at LEAST 500 calories a day less intake with the balance made up of EXTRA exercise. Just walking isn't strenuous enough. I am doing between 100/150 virtual miles a week on my indoor trainer some of this is intense workout level.I count EVERY calorie in and burned! The emphasis is on the word STRICT. NO Alcohol-NO chocolate and a fully balanced diet consisting of 3 small main meals and 3 smaller other meals with about 3 hours between each one. If your diet is failing then it means you are taking on board more calories than you are burning. You need to reduce calories and /or exercise more. Remmber 500 calories less a day equates to 1 pound lost a week.I suppose it all depends how desperate you are to lose the weight. Best of luck buddy.

Victorian inn bed and breakfast said...

It's immense to listen that you are performing so well - you must tell me how you are organization the incredible feat of 2 lbs a week!
I am failing miserably on the weight loss - but our target weights do seem to be very similar!

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