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Wednesday 13 October 2010


One of my enjoyments in cycling is going uphill -I enjoy the challenge. Better than the climb is the descent.The thrill of going downhill at speed makes all the effort of the uphill struggle worthwhile. After my accident in 2009 I lost some of my confidence on descents although since getting back on the bike recently I seem to be regaining it again .
If you have never been downhill on a bike at speed you must watch 'The Descent of the Col d'Iseran' it is awesome. The descent is frightening-thrilling and dangerous. This you tube film covers the entire 15 minute descent and I suggest you follow the ride all the way to the bottom- it is certainly worthwhile.

The Col d'Iseran is the highest paved mountain pass in the Alps in the department of Savoie in France. It is part of the French Graian Alps near the border with Italy. It stands at an elevation of 2770 meters and the road has a maximum gradient of 12% and it was first used on the Tour de France in 1938. Since then it has featured in the Tour in 1939 / 1949 / 1959 / 1963 / 1992 / 2007  Depending on your fitness it takes 2-3 hours to pedal to the top but just 15 minutes to descend .

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