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Sunday, 16 January 2011


When my daughter asked me in November what I wanted for Christmas I said that I 'needed' a bottle of Purple Extreme chain lubricant. I don't know why but she just burst out laughing - she thought that anyone who wanted a bottle of oil as a Christmas present had some major psychological problems. Whilst she continued to laugh and amuse herself about this I went on to explain that it would be far better to get me something that I wanted and needed - something that I would use throughout the year, rather than some expensive but useless gift that would end up being put in a drawer and forgotten about.
I then said that every time that I lubricated my chain I would think of her...!  This had the effect of causing even more mirth - in fact to tell the truth she now had problems actually trying to stop laughing.

Anyway, she did get me a bottle of PE for Christmas amongst other gifts. In fact she had managed to satisfy both of us - she had given me what I had asked for but had also given me other things that satisfied her desire to give me something more 'substantial'.

Mind you- as I opened my bottle of PE at Christmas it did start her off laughing again and she also reaffirmed her thinking that I was 'totally mad'- a feeling that she has had for years. Apparently this feeling is confirmed every time I set off on another long bike  or backpacking trip.

With the bottle of PE was another much smaller bottle- a free sample size that was given away when she purchased the 120ml size bottle.
This little bottle is something that is going to be really very useful - it is also something I have wanted for some time. A bottle of oil that is small enough to pop into the smallest of 'Roadie' saddle bags. A bottle that is refillable and screws up with a nice tight leak proof seal.

Dare I say it - but this little sample bottle of oil was amongst my favourite Christmas gifts. I was a bit like the child that receives an expensive gift, but is happier and gets more fun from playing with the box it came in.
Needless to say my daughter is still laughing........!!

I have used various chain lubricants over the years PE is my favourite.
Reasons:- lasts a long time / runs clean and doesn't attract dirt / smooth running / doesn't harden / doesn't wash off in rain mud or snow / penetrates quickly to all parts of the chain / I like the smell and its PURPLE.....!!


Anonymous said...

That is a great story. It is the small things in life that are the best. Good for your daughter for giving you exactly what you had asked for, and more. I once received a hammer from my Dad - I was always taking his and he could never find it. I will always remember him giving it to me and it remains as one of the best gifts I've ever received.

Steve A said...

Purely by chance, my road bike has Purple Extreme on it right now. I even have photos of it getting applied. It IS very good.

coastkid said...

I told my parents money towards some Bar Mitts for the Pugsley would make me happy, funny thing is they understood!

limom said...

Must resist urge to purchase(xpost)!

Big Oak said...

That is a very useful and thoughtful gift.

I asked for, and received, a coffee cup from my daughter. I use it every morning.

John Romeo Alpha said...

Was trying to resist purchase...must resist...I feel limom slipping which is pushing me closer to purchase. Perhaps I will just go and see what that lube costs, and where I might get it. If I wanted some. Some time.

GreenComotion said...

What a timely post, Trevor! Thanks.

I am out of Chain Lube and I was thinking of getting some "Rock N' Roll - Gold". I will check out PE also.

Peace :)

Anonymous said...

Yep, I agree. Great minds think alike!

The bike shed said...

Made me laugh
I have never seen PE but I think I shall look for it in future

Jim said...

A clean chain is a happy chain. Keep your chain cleaned and oiled, and no one gets hurt! I'll have to try this stuff.

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