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Sunday 30 October 2011


This past week the postman has called a number of times at 'Purple Towers' with packages to be signed for.
Yes- I have been spending time on the dreaded internet buying more bicycle confection from an ebay shop.

This time my purchases amount to a Shimano 105 Groupset (minus brakes and shifters) for the Tifosi.

Now when I bought this bike about eighteen months ago I arranged for it to be fitted with the fairly basic
Sora groupset- (apart from the Miche brakes).
My thinking behind this was that as I would be using the bike as a winter trainer, the basic kit would suffice. On top of this ...the bike had received lots of very favourable reviews with both Shimano Sora or Campagnolo Veloce kit fitted, so it appeared that it would be a good bike to purchase with that level of kit for the purpose I intended to use the bike for.

From the moment I first rode this bike I loved it.....I loved the way it looked and I also loved the way it felt to ride.The frame feels fantastic considering that it is fashioned from now out of vogue aluminium. OK- I will be the first to admit that it does not feel as plush on the road as my Felt....but hey....this Tifosi cost an eighth of the price of the Felt and on that basis alone it actually represents better value for money.

Those readers that subject themselves to the pain of reading this blog on a regular basis, will be aware that the first upgrade I gave the bike was a new set of wheels... The Pro-Lite Bracianno wheelset I fitted have proved to be a good decision making a tremendous improvement to climbing..descending and acceleration.
I then changed the saddle and bar tape, fitting a Brooks Swift in honey colour with the tape to match. I felt that this really emphasized the modern retro paint job the bike was finished in....

Throughout this past year the bike has proved to be my ride of choice...every time I ride it I love it even more and it has received lots of nice comments from fellow riders wherever I have ridden it.

The Sora kit has been fine...it has behaved faultlessly over the thousands of miles that I have ridden the bike...however compared to the Dura Ace gruppo that the Felt is fitted with I suppose it can be a bit 'clunky'.....certainly not in the super silky feel category that the DA has.
Obviously no one would expect these two groupsets to perform as equals as there is a HUGE difference in cost. At one level you could well ask why anyone would want or need anything more than Sora.......indeed on the value for money stakes it beats the DA hands down.

Having completed many many miles on the bike I just felt that maybe a replacement of a number of drivetrain items might be called for soon.....and.....if I am going to make a number of replacements I thought that I might as well go one stage further and bridge the gap between the Sora and the Dura Ace. Hence the decision to go with the popular mid range 105.

Now I don't expect to notice any mind blowing improvements.....but what the upgrade will do is just add the finishing touch to what has turned out to be a great bike.
The frame has proved to be worth the upgrades......it really is that good..!


The bike shed said...

I can remember when 105 was considered the low end stuff. Then they introduced Taigra, then sora, then a load more.

105 does me fine - great kit.

MrDaveyGie said...

Yeap, I ride the 105 and Shimano is a friend of mine. Dang, Seems I keeping spending on EBay too for bike parts. But I gotta take good care of my girls (bikes)

Jim said...

105 is both reliable and smooth. Anything above is about weight, not performance. The Tifosi is getting a good set of goods!

Steve A said...

We're going in different directions. I'm migrating towards SRAM. Still, 105 is a solid choice.

TrevorW�� said...

*Mark* *Mr DaveyGie* *Once Known as The Badger*
Thanks for the comments guys...105 certainly seems to be a popular choice.

I have tried SRAM Steve, but as I ride in a very hilly area I found that it had one really annoying drawback.....
If I am desperately looking for an easier gear when I am already in the easiest one available, the lever registers the first small click but it obviously won't let me push on to the non-existent bigger cog. This means that I find myself moving into a harder gear just when it's the last thing that I want.

Tracy W said...

I think you'll be pleased with the 105 series of components. Like the bike, they're a workhorse that for me just keeps going.

Anonymous said...

New stuff for your bike? I see you can always improve your favorite bicycle :)
Have a nice day!

TrevorW�� said...

*Tracy W*
Glad that you approve of the 105- seems that I made a good choice for the Tifosi.

*Mr Paparazzo*
I just cant help it...something that just had to be done..

Jason said...

My bike is Tiagra equipped, but I'm thinking of upgrading to 105 one of these days. Will look forward to hearing your thoughts. Are you installing all the parts yourself?

TrevorW�� said...

I will review the upgrade after I have completed about 1K miles.
Yes..the plan is for me to install the parts.

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