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Sunday 29 January 2012


Following my ride with Scott the rest of my week was spent dodging the rain on many of my training rides
I have still managed to add some good quality miles to the tally and as I approach the end of this first month I am pretty well pleased with my overall  total.....better than last year at this point and hopefully I won't have last years medical layoff to hinder my progress. 

My EuroVelo Route 6 still remains an ongoing planning project  and I have still not come across another rider to do the larger route with me. As I said in an earlier post...most people would like to do it, but because of the spectre of work getting in the way, they can't give it the time required. 

However as usual at this time of year the phone has been busy here at 'Purple Towers' with various cycling friends wanting to discuss shorter distance trips......... 
Peter Calcutt visited the  Towers to discuss a spring cycling tour in France. 
For the last couple of years I have completed a short Spring tour in France.....each year to a slightly different area. 
This year a Tour of Brittany seems to be on the cards. The rough plan is to head to St Malo on the ferry and then cycle down to Nantes - follow the rough line of the Nante/Brest canal to Brest and then follow the Northern coast line back to the start. 
Nothing is set in stone yet but the plans are coming together. 

After Peter's visit, JD was on the phone...."I'm thinking of riding Edinburgh to Portsmouth in May for a charity, you'll come with me won't you" he said. Now JD and myself and others have put together a  charity challenge ride each year since 2008. I even managed to complete one with JD a couple of weeks before my cancer radiotherapy treatment in 2010 and it seems JD now has another plan...
Well that's it really..he had the idea but he wanted me to put together THE PLAN. 

I told him all the reasons why I had no interest in riding to Portsmouth from Edinburgh...things like rubbish UK roads....aggressive UK drivers....wanting to take life easy....logistics in getting to Scotland with the bikes etc etc. 
I made a water tight  case for not doing it with him and I really put my foot down and stood my ground.  
The upshot of all this is that I spent yesterday evening planning the route and it looks like I will be riding with JD on yet another ride for a good cause. How do I get myself involved..........................? I did say no!!!!



Marsha said...

The plans sound very, very interesting. Look forward to seeing your posts on the trips when you take them.

limom said...

When I grow up, I wanna be like you.

TrevorW�� said...

Thanks for the comment Marsha I will probably be posting daily when doing these rides.....

Do you mean the sort of person that nobody listens to...?

Colleen Welch said...

I was in Nantes last summer. Unfortunately, not biking. However, even when I'm not cycling, I'm always imagining how the route would be on a bike. If I'm on a motorway, I look to see if there are parallel side roads. I was in La Baule for 4 days. The whole Bretagne Coast area is very nice and diverse. Croisic was a cool little fishing town.

rlove2bike said...

Aggressive drivers I can do without! Everybody can. They are a menace.

Sounds like a nice trip and I am looking forward to you bringing us along.

Thanks for the post!!

TrevorW�� said...

Yes..France is a great place for a cycling trip...I try to get over here a least once a year.

Compared to ...say France...the drivers in the UK are very aggressive and antagonistic towards cyclists...as you say, that's something we can all do without.

Six weeks off.

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