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Wednesday 7 March 2012


Yesterday was a great day for cycling....the sun was out..the wind was not much more than a strong breeze and the weather girl on the television had told me that it was going to be dry. 
I filled up a couple of water bottles grabbed an energy bar and set off as I do most days for a ride west along the coast to the Studland ferry. 

After crossing the harbour entrance on the ferry I decided to  follow part of the route of the Jurassic Beast Sportive that I mentioned in my last post. 
I didn't ride the entire route as I wanted to try some of the smaller country lanes before eventually heading back through Corfe and then setting off towards Swanage. 
I normally ride towards Swanage via Kingston hill but I decided this time that I would stick to the main road.
I saw a female rider ahead of me and just as I was about 20ft behind her we were both passed by a young guy who seemed to be putting some power through his pedals. 
I drew alongside the lady rider and we had a short conversation. 
It appeared that she was a visitor to the area and hadn't ridden the route before and she remarked on how nice it was. 

I commented on the helmet she was wearing...a Catlike Kompact Pro....this is my favourite helmet brand and I have both the Kompact Pro and the Whisper Plus. These helmets are a Spanish make and have a very distinctive appearance.  I really like these helmets although it must be said that they don't appear to be as popular in the UK as some other makes. 

After chatting for a few minutes I set off in pursuit of  the young guy with the power legs. I finally caught him about a mile from Swanage, timing my pass just as we reached an incline over a railway bridge knowing that he would find it difficult to respond at that point......don't you just love it when a little plan comes together..? 

When I arrived at the seafront I pulled over to take in the view and have a short break. This time of year there are very few tourists around and the promenade is still very quiet. While I was sat on the seafront both 'young power legs' and then about five minutes later the lady rider cycled past...both giving me a wave as they did so.....
I like Swanage...it's a small seaside town and is very popular with both young families who might want to avoid the larger commercial resorts as well as older visitors. 
I always enjoy stopping there before the final few miles back to the ferry when I am out on a ride in that area.... 

After about fifteen minutes I got back on the bike and set off on the five miles back to the ferry. The first half of this section of the route is uphill (surprise..surprise) and then it is more or less level right back to the slipway. 
I always enjoy this last part of the ride finding a nice comfortable steady cadence giving me about 13mph on most of the uphill section until the really steep part towards the top and then slipping into the big ring for the downhill where I can touch 44mph. 
When I reach the level stretch I normally hold about 28mph until I arrive at the ferry.........

Wouldn't you know it..? 
I arrived at the slipway just in time to see the ferry pulling away on it's short journey to the other side... 
Oh well at least it would be back again in about twenty minutes. 
After the ferry crossing I just had another five miles to home although that does include two more hills as a bit of a sting in the tail... 
A great ride and great weather and another 57 miles to add to this years total. 

Today...what a change! 
The rain was lashing down this morning and the wind was blowing a fair old gale.....So there will be no ride today! 
Two hours on the trainer then...it just doesn't compare does it..?


anniebikes said...

Ooooh, the ride sounds lovely. Happy Wednesday to you.

RANTWICK said...

I haven't passed anyone in a while... I gotta get back in the swing, man. Great ride, brother.

Steve A said...

Somehow, even waiting for a ferry on a bike seems pleasant.

TrevorW�� said...

Thanks...it is pretty good.

I'm sure you will soon...It doesn't take too long to get back in the swing.

*Steve A*
Do you know something Steve...you are so right.

Melanie Suzanne said...

What a picturesque ride! It must get extremely crowded in the high season.

TrevorW�� said...

*Malanie Suzanne*
It does....during the summer months I head inland on most of my rides. There are just as many hills though!!

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