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Wednesday 13 June 2012


British weather.....that's what we seem to be suffering with at the moment. 
Towards the latter part of March I mentioned on this blog how the weather had been so good for a few weeks that I had even been out on my very best bike...the Felt Z1. 
Since acquiring the bike in 2009 I have never managed to ride it so early in the year....refusing as I do to risk riding it if there is even the slightest hint of rain. 
It's a bike that I really enjoy riding on those lovely sunny and dry days when the insects are buzzing...the birds are singing and all is right with the world.. 
Not for this bike the risk of a spot of rain and mud spoiling the look of it's carbon frame and anodized red spokes. I wouldn't be happy riding it in the rain..so I don't.!  

Riding in the rain is a 'pleasure' that is reserved for my tourer and my audax/trainer both of which are fitted with mudguards (fenders for those of you who speak the American form of English). Even then  if I can avoid riding in the rain I will. 
Call me a fair weather cyclist if you want, but the fact is I don't really enjoy it. 

Anyway, getting back to the main point of this post-  the British weather. 
Obviously it was the worst thing that I could have done mentioning how good the weather had been back in March, because since then it seems to have been all over the place. 
Someone even made the comment that they hoped that the early burst of good weather wasn't going to be our summer. 
At the moment it seems like it probably was....so what I am hoping is that by making another post about the weather....this time about how it has deteriorated since that post in March, our summer might finally arrive... 

After that initial three weeks of really lovely weather we have had some serious spells of rain. Peter, John and I had to call off a spring touring trip because it was so bad, with campsites being forced to close because of water logged camping pitches...
By some miracle both on the Backpacking trip around Dartmoor and the recent ride from Edinburgh we managed to avoid rain, with only one days rain being experienced on each trip. 
But the rest of the time....RAIN! RAIN! and more RAIN!

Even the Queens Jubilee celebrations suffered rain. 
British weather is pretty notorious for being difficult to predict and this year we seem to be paying the price for the more settled and prolonged spells of good weather we have had over the past couple of years... 
As I've said I don't really enjoy riding in the rain and the day it rained when we were cycling back from Edinburgh was a pretty miserable experience. 
Probably not so bad if you are only riding say twenty miles such as on a commute but if you are riding eighty or more miles I don't find it much fun..... 
Let's hope that now I have mentioned it a nice prolonged spell of good summer weather will start and the Felt can be wheeled out to enjoy the longed for sunshine........


Marsha said...

Best wishes for sunshine and gentle breezes!

Sandy said...

I pray that you are right and that your complaining about the rain does bring some sunshine.

I too wouldn't deliberately set out on my bike in the rain and the only way I get wet is when caught in an unexpected shower.

All this wet is driving me bonkers.

Steve A said...

I freely admit that riding in rain; particularly in heavy rain, is an acquired taste. It is somewhat like beer in that respect.

RANTWICK said...

Although weeks of rain would probably get tiresome, I really really like riding in the rain... unless temps are hovering around freezing. Then not so much!

Wishing you sunny skies, man.

Carlos Ribeiro said...

Wow, what an amazing bike! Congratulations!
Best wishes

Mark Shaw said...

No rain here today in Manchester I am thinking of even dusting off the BBQ tonight, I hope the weather didn't hear me say that

TrevorW�� said...

Thanks Marsha...I hope so too.

It makes you wonder when it's all going to stop. It all started after the water companies declared drought conditions..so maybe it wasn't my fault after all..LOL

*Steve A*
Now beer is an acquired taste that I am quite happy with.....

Yes...it's weeks of rain that we have had. The odd shower in warm conditions is not so bad...but trying to do eighty plus miles in the pouring rain and getting even more soaked by passing lorries and cars...I don't see much to enjoy there..

*Carlos Ribeiro*
Thanks Carlos....Nice to hear from you again..

*mark shaw*
After I posted that yesterday...the sun came out and we had a really great evening..ideal for a bike ride.
The post wasn't a permanent fix though as the forecast is not looking good for the weekend. Perhaps I'll move to Manchester!!

GreenComotion said...

Since the fall last year, I have mixed feelings about riding in the weather.

I like the summer rains in Texas, as that seems to be the only way to get some relief from the heat.

Paz :)

TrevorW�� said...

Heat..? If only we had some heat during our summer!!

J_on_tour said...

There's still time. I often find that generally May is drier and June is wetter. Having said that as late June / July approaches with my usual Lakes walking week (that I won't be doing this year) that the weather changes into a Jekyll & Hyde situation of tropical & monsoon conditions. Keep with it ... and I'm a fair weather outdoors person myself.

TrevorW�� said...

*J on Tour*
I am still waiting for it.........

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