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Wednesday 6 June 2012


When on a cycling tour it is really great to be able to get out of your cycling shoes and put on a really comfortable pair of trainer style shoes for time around camp or for wearing when you go out in the evening. 
But there are problems.....the shoes need to be lightweight and they also need to be able to pack down really small for when you cram them into your panniers. 
It is also a bonus if they look great as well.  

Over the years I have tried a variety of different types and styles.... sandals..... flipflops..... trainers... etc. 
None of those that I have tried have really fitted the bill for all occasions. 
Flipflops can be very light in weight but hardly look good when you go out for that evening meal. Sandals can be heavier in weight and they don't really fold down that flat either.....the ones I used on my ROCK2UK ride also smelt like a dead dog by the time I got back to the UK- and yes- I did wash them whilst on the trip. 

Trainers can be comfortable and can also look quite reasonable for evening wear but again I have never found a reasonably priced decent pair that are truly lightweight and also pack down really small. 


These really are light and packable, they have a canvas upper and are trainer in style. They are lightweight at only 300grms per pair and fold down and flatten to just 35mm.  

This is what the manufacturers list as the features for the TEVA MUSH FRIO.
*Lightweight synthetic and canvas uppers.
*Laces and a stretch mesh collar.
*It's lightweight and collapsible design makes it ideal for all kinds of travelling where luggage space is at a premium.
*Antibacterial mesh on footbed and lining.
*Incredibly light EVA sole makes it feel like you are wearing a flip flop.
*The mush topsole will mould to the shape of your foot, giving you the same feeling that you love in your flips.

These shoes come in a variety of colour ways....I chose the black/blue with the whitish/grey soles because I felt that they would match my camp clothes as well as looking reasonably smart in the evening. 
Although I have not used these on a touring trip as yet I have worn them around the house etc and I feel that these really are the best spare shoes for cycle touring that I have found. 
The UK price is listed at £45(GBP)  but I managed to get a pair on the internet for £32(GBP) 

If you are looking for a pair of ultra lightweight, totally packable spare shoes for your next cycle tour, then I would recommend that you consider a pair of TEVA MUSH FRIO SHOES. 
Oh and by the way- I am not being paid by Teva to recommend these.


Paul said...

Sharp looking footwear Trevor.I may buy myself a pair.

Marsha said...

I am always ragging my husband about the size of his off-the-bike shoes when we pack. Maybe these will suit him. Thanks for the tip...

jeff said...

I'm going to have to check them out. They look like they might be just the thing to bring on a tour.

Steve A said...

Shoes seem to be endlessly fascinating to me lately. Thanks!

anniebikes said...

I also wonder about the Toms shoes that are advertised on your blog. They look very nice and comfortable and smart to me. In the past, I've used flip flops also. But you're right about the aesthetics - they aren't very pretty, but then I was only wearing them in the campsite.

TrevorW�� said...

I think they are worth a look...

They do pack up small....

They might well suit your needs Jeff..

*Steve A*
You will be dreaming of shoes..

I think that these are a pretty versatile spare shoe for travelling ...

GreenComotion said...

They look very comfortable. Given a cyclist's feet are the 3rd point of contact to absorb the bumps during a ride, it is indeed important to take care of them.

Please let us know how they hold up, perhaps in a future post.

Paz :)

TrevorW�� said...

They are very comfortable....Ideal for wearing around camp at the end of a long touring day on the bike...

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