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Wednesday 11 July 2012


After a rest day on Tuesday the TDF  riders continued pedalling their bikes today. 
Today's stage was between Macon  and Bellegarde-sur-Valserine. 
Riding after a rest day can often have a strange effect on the riders, but at the end of the ride there was no real change to the top GC listings. 

Wiggo's  TT ride on Monday was absolutely stunning and I have to say he did look good on that bike....everything seemed to go right for him from that very first pedal stroke....that's the type of ride that Wiggo does best and it was a real pleasure to watch..
There is still a lot of riding yet to do and it will not be easy...there is so much that can go wrong. The stress of watching this stuff is enough to make a man turn to drink!!

It always happens...the timing seems almost planned for the middle of the TDF...I am referring to the spectre of drugs... 
French rider Remy Di Gregorio was arrested at the Cofidis team hotel. 
He has been accused of being part of a drugs ring although not within this years TDF. 
Apparently the Cofidis team continues to ride this years tour with  no finger being pointed at them. 

I have also read that in the USA a Trainer and two Doctors have been banned for life because of involvement in an alleged doping conspiracy...The guys are apparently former associates of Lance Armstrong who has also been charged with being involved. 

For years people have been trying to connect Lance Armstrong with drug taking in the sport....he has always denied it, pointing out that he must be the most tested cyclist ever.....I trust that this latest development doesn't prove positive!! (sorry about that)

Lance Armstrong has been one of my sporting heroes.....indeed when I was undergoing cancer treatment myself,  his book 'It's Not About the Bike' was a real source of strength and hope for me.......
His LIVESTRONG organization has done a huge amount of work for cancer and it would be such a pity if it transpired that he had lied to us all....a lot of people would feel very let down...I really do want (and need) to believe him.


jeff said...

I'm all for playing by the rules, but I don't want Lance's record in the Tour tarnished. For that matter, I still think what Floyd Landis did in the mountains to win the Tour was amazing!

As for this year I was pulling for Cadel to repeat, and the Americans to do well. I really don't know anything about Wiggo, but if he keeps performing like he has to this point, I'll cheer him on to Paris, and he'll have a new fan!

Paul said...

Trevor, I will be heart broken if they nail Lance.I think deep down he may have doped, who didn't back then, but I'll still be bummed big time.

Jez Andrews said...

Shame Landis had to cheated to win the tour!!

Personally my anger lies more with Johann Bruyneel who under him has had a lot of riders who have been caught or confessed to doping. Why up until this point he has not been held accountable I have no idea

TrevorW�� said...

I have a lot of respect for Cadel...He is a really gutsy rider...
Although I am obviously rooting for Wiggo and the Sky boys I have always taken a lot of interest in Garmin (slipstream sports)and Wiggo rode for them for a year....

So will I Paul..So will I!

*J*ez Andrews*
That's a really good point Jez..!

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