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Tuesday 18 September 2012


These past couple of day's I have been reading 'Counting Steps' by Mark Charlton.  
Over the past few years I have been a regular follower of Mark's blog, Views from the Bikeshed. http://viewsfromthebikeshed.blogspot.co.uk/

Mark's blog is not a blog about just cycling....or walking...or backpacking. No, it is about far more than these subjects. These subjects are visited occasionally but are not the essence of what his writing is about. Mark's writing is more personal and reveals a lot about himself as a father and his interaction with the people and world around him.

Counting Steps is Mark's first book and he say's in the introduction that the essays in the book are a response to the delight that he has found in fatherhood and landscape, to the people he loves and the places he finds himself returning.

I have not completed the book yet, but I am enjoying it's contents very much....I would suggest that you visit Mark's blog and if you too enjoy his writing style you can obtain your own copy of 'Counting Steps' from the blog......


rlove2bike said...

Just in time with the book recommendation. I was looking for another book to read as I just finished the book "Dividing the Great" on Monday. It is about a couple guys over your way riding the Great Divide here in the states. An interesting book.

Thanks for the post!

Zachary W. Ford said...

Two great recommendations, thanks guys!

GreenComotion said...

I will check out Mark's site.
Enjoy your new read!

RideTheDivide is a good movie to watch as well.

Peace :)

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