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Wednesday 17 January 2018

Well that filled the day....

Yesterday I had an appointment for a scan at the hospital in Wimborne....
So the plan was that we would drive up early in the morning..... have lunch in the town...attend the scan....and then drive back.
This is a return trip of about 250miles along one of the slowest coastal roads that I know and it wasn't helped yesterday by torrential rain for most of the way up and most of the way back.
Not my favourite thing to be doing mid January but hey what can you do.....

A couple of days ago when I last closed the roof on Eva one of the roof retaining hooks snapped as I pulled it down...obviously I don't know my own strength..
The hook should look like this:-

What A Roof Retaining Hook Should Look Like.
 After I pulled it down it looked like this:-
After My Strength What The Hook Looked Like.
So I got on the phone to Automotive Leisure (AL) the main UK Eriba Dealer based in Poole and spoke to Paul the parts and service manager and he confirmed that he had one in stock and would put it aside for me.
It was decided that during our visit to Wimborne for the scan we would swing by at Automotive Leisure on the return leg of our journey and pick up the replacement hook....

Now I know why Eribas are so expensive to buy...the cost of the new hook was just under £40... I'm surprised that it wasn't gold plated..!!!
Anyway whilst we were there we also had a good look round at the various Eriba models and layouts that they had on display. 

Anne and I always enjoy a visit to AL looking at their stock... One thing I will say is that their second hand stock is always prepared to a very high standard.
Everytime we look at all the various layouts it confirms to us that our choice of layout was spot on first time....mind you we had given it a lot of thought before we placed our order.

Anyway..we eventually got back to Eva about half an hour after it had got dark....
Both of us were pretty tired by the time we arrived back at the site.. 

Guess what...we have got to drive up there again on the 26th to see the consultant. I hope that the strong winds and torrential rain has stopped by then.....


Steve A said...

German stuff is notorious for the high cost of replacement parts.

TrevorW�� said...

@Steve A
That's so true Steve... I would hate to rebuild one with replacement parts...would probably bankrupt me Lol

GreenComotion said...

Hi Trevor-
Glad that you identified the rectifiable problem.
Yes - 40 quid is a chunk of change :)

TrevorW�� said...

As you say Chandra...40 quid is a chunk of change...especially for such a small item.
Hope all is well with you.

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