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Wednesday, 8 September 2021

Day out for the Tour of Britain.....

 On Monday Anne filled me with my medication and took me out to just the other side of Yelverton so that I could watch the riders in the Tour of Britain come through. 

It was great to get out and have a picnic at the side of the road . I had a seat with me so that I could take the weight off my legs which is pretty important as the bone cancer certainly restricts the amount of time that I can stand even with the pain killers that I take.

 Before the cancers took hold last year I had started to ride on these local Dartmoor roads and was learning the best way to tackle the hills to Princetown.... Two Bridges and the Warren House Inn so it was great to see the Pro cyclists riding what are now my local roads..... Mind you I paid the price for my day out as I was completely wiped out right through Tuesday and it was only this morning that I felt that I was starting to get back to where I was before Monday. 

Next week I have an appointment with the surgeon who removed my thyroid and lymph nodes so I should find out how successful the procedure was at removing the thyroid cancer bearing in mind that it had spread. A couple of hours after that appointment I have another one with the consultant from heamotology and will then find out when they will reintroduce the chemotherapy for my blood and bone cancers.....


Dave said...

A good day out Trevor even though it wiped you out. I would have gone to Carmarthen to see them but my radiotherapy times didn't suit. Lots from the club went. It's sometimes hard watching the cyclists because you want to be out there doing it.
Fingers crossed for your consultations next week.
All the best.

TrevorW�� said...

As you say Dave it does make you want to get out there and do it yourself. Yelverton is always a popular place for cyclists situated as it is out of Plymouth and right on the edge of Dartmoor but I have never seen it so busy as it was on Monday. The village itself was packed with cyclists who had come to see the tour. We went slightly out of the village to see the tour come up a short hill where it was also narrower and they were moving slower which made it easier to spot the big name riders..

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