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Saturday 6 November 2021

A Week on and a Difference


A week further on and a major difference. 

Still suffering with some minor fatigue but on a different scale to last week. Still have a bit of a problem with my calcium levels but it is going in the right direction.

 The top image shows the infusion that I had yesterday. It's for a drug called a Bisphosphonate which helps strengthen my bones and reduce the pain. 
The exact one that I am taking is Zoledronic Acid. 
It is given as a drip into my hand shown in the next image. 

The infusion can bring on a mild flu like symptom and a feeling of nausea . Sometimes Bisphosphonate can cause damage to the jaw bone. This is called Osteonecrosis of the jaw. This is why I had to have dental treatment a few months ago so that my jaw was prepared for this possibility. 
Luckily I have avoided this so far.

 The next image is of the Future Inn Hotel on the outskirts of Plymouth. I have to visit there once a week for my weekly blood test. 
The NHS Phlebotomy service is based there currently and is a very quick and efficient service. 

This morning I received the latest report update on my current condition. The MRI scan I had on my thorax has confirmed that the lump on my sternum is consistent with Active Myeloma.
 There are also other Lesions in my Ribs and Vertebrae. 
They say that it is not surprising given that I was off treatment for a period of time whilst I was undergoing the Thyroidectomy. 
It is reassuring to note that this lump has improved since restarting treatment. 

I've still not managed to get out on the bike again this week although it was weather and not cancer holding me back. 
I have now set up the turbo again ready for the winter period so getting out on the new bike is not so crucial as I will have the option of riding the Turbo Tifosi. 

Just to finish off this week.....
 A couple of friends have told me that they are having problems posting comments here on the blog. I have checked it myself and all seems ok and those of you who left a comment this past week obviously didn't have a problem. If you do have difficulties let me know via my Google ID.... 


Dave said...

Glad things are getting sorted and you're feeling a bit better. The turbo will be handy from now on because you can just get on it more or less whenever you feel like it rather than have to get kitted out for a ride. You cant beat an actual ride though.
All the best.

TrevorW�� said...

Thanks Dave... As you say the Turbo will be flexible to use as I can climb aboard without having to fully kit up.....Interestingly prior to my Ten Countries in Ten Days ride my entire training programme was completed on the Turbo until the last month when I actually started to ride on the road again....

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