Sunday, 26 April 2009

NEWSFLASH-One of the Sisters Grimm Smiles.

Yes it's true-during our weekend meet at the Sisters Grimm one of the Sisters smiled at Stourvale Walker. SW told me that not only did she smile at him she actually struck up a conversation with him. This is a real breakthrough because in all the time that we have been going to this site the most we have had from the Sisters Grimm is an open palm (for the camp fee) and strict instructions on where to camp and a long list of 'do not's'. I must state that the only other person who saw her smile was Peter Calcutt (but then he thinks that everyone is smiling). Of course I didn't want to point out to SW that ancient folkelore states in the Book of Dorset Doom that if one of the Sisters is seen to smile the recipient of the smile could be plagued by little Grimmlets that pop up where ever the recipient pitches his tent. This could mean that SW might be wild pitching in the wilds of Wales or somewhere similar and in the middle of the night he could be disturbed by a snuffling noise followed by a small hand being thrust under his fly sheet demanding payment for his pitch (this is the hand of a Grimmlet). Poor old SW-no more free wild pitching for him- not now that he has the Grimmlet curse upon him.

As I predicted the other day I enjoyed the weekend meet far more than if I had attended the AGM and after reading Whitespiders report ( go to )I am glad I stayed in Dorset. The weather on Saturday was far better than the forecast would have had us believe and it is always good to meet up with walking pals. We all enjoyed it so much that we are going to fit in an additional static meet later in the year - I will keep you posted on the Date and Venue.

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John Hee said...

well thats one more advocate of change on the board again this year.

Rumour has it next years bash will be at Bath - perhaps time for a strong local representation that can get some agenda items posted pre AGM to shake things up?