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Tuesday 14 April 2009

Stourvale Walker - Where is he?

For the past week I have been following Stourvale Walker's blog as he has been walking back to Bournemouth from Prestatyn. It becomes strangely obsessive following someone else's journey with up to date information day by day. Each day I have found myself checking my computer for details of his whereabouts made even more interesting as this is a journey that I have made myself in the past. For the last two days there has been no posting from Stourvale Walker and I am now experiencing the frustration others must have felt when I was unable to make postings to my own blog towards the end of my Cycle LEJOG last September. There are lots of reasons why SVW has not made a posting- running out of power or no signal being the most obvious but knowing this does not help me with the need for my daily fix !!

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Unknown said...

Hi Trevor
Not a comment about this blog. Just wanted to tell you about a useful web site I found recently that allows you to post cycle routes and then share with others. Check out http://www.bikely.com/ .

All the best Glen.

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