Wednesday, 27 May 2009

ACCR- Preparation coming together.

Things all seem to be coming together for the Atlantic Coast Challenge Ride now. Over the past few days all the maps have arrived for the entire trip.The maps will be used more for the daily planning of the route than use on the bike. On the bike I will be using a Garmin 605 computer/sat nav system. This unit records all the details of the ride including MPH/Average speed/pace/route taken/ascent & descent/calories burned plus more and this information can all be downloaded to my computer at home on the team's return.
Earlier today I had a delivery of various nutrition items which included Carbo drinks powder - carbo gels & power bars. These items have been supplied by Endurance Sports Nutrition who do a first class mail order service. They are able to deliver within 24/48hrs.
Also today I received uprated brake block holders and pads. I am hoping that this brake upgrade will improve my braking on the Pyrenees downhill sections. Cycling downhill at 50mph
is scary enough without having concerns about your braking ability. During the next week the bikes will all be serviced and any problems found will be rectified. As I said everthing seems to be coming together quite well. Only another eight days before we set off.

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