Sunday, 24 May 2009

ACCR-Training on Target.

How lucky have we been? This is the second bank holiday weekend in a row that we have had really great weather.

No excuse then to not go out on another training ride-this time with the touring bikes-the bikes that we will be using on the ACCR.

John couldn't manage to get the time away to join us as he had a pre-arranged family commitment but he does assure me that he has been training and is almost ready for the off in less than two weeks time. Well I hope so because on today's ride Jason and I were bang on target for TIME/DISTANCE/AVERAGE SPEED.

Today we covered 70.34miles at an average speed of 14.5mph with 5130ft of ascent and we did it in a cycling time of 4hrs59mins burning 4405 calories along the way.

Now although this is not as fast as we can achieve on the Felt Sportive bikes -as mentioned, we did todays ride on our more comfortable tourers which are heavier than the Felt's but do have lower gearing for the big hills.

The times etc achieved today are those we are hoping to maintain on the ACCR this will then give us plenty of time for a bit of siteseeing as well as time sitting around in cafes and bars etc......!

If John finds that he has done insufficient training or/and has been eating to much and finds the going difficult at least he will have the luxury of Dave and the broom wagon to sweep him up.


john donoghue said...

I rode 40miles today not as much or as fast as you and Jason however this was achieved in 2hrs 48min at 13.5mph I shall not require the Broom Wagon JD

purpletraveller said...

Glad to hear that John !!