Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Arrival of the Nallo.

Today the Nallo arrived. As mentioned a few days ago my inability to get any reply from Robert Saunders was pushing me in the direction of a NALLO 3GT. This is a three man tent with a larger porch than the standard NALLO. I went for the three man GT version instead of a two man because the 3 only weighs 9oz more than the 2 and I wanted the extra space in order to accomodate a bike. As you can see from the photo my largest frame bike (my tourer) fits in side the porch with space to spare. Because of the extra width of this tent compared to my Wild Country Duolite Tourer (that I also use when cyclepacking) I now have more useable space in the porch area. The Nallo was easy to erect taking about 5mins even in the blustery conditions that we experienced today. As well as the larger porch for my bike I also have a huge sleeping area in which I can swan around in which will prove very useful if I find myself tent bound due to bad weather. The quality of this tent is up to the usual Hilleberg standards just like my favorite solo backpacking tent the AKTO. The DUOLITE TOURER is ok for 2/3 season use but with the NALLO 3GT I will have a tent for 4 season cyclepacking.


Anonymous said...

Jill and I say "WOW"

Anonymous said...

I am getting ready for a bike tour and looked all over the web for info on storing your bike inside for protection. I almost bought a motorcycle tent till I saw this. Thanks!