Saturday, 10 April 2010


The walkers left for their walk about 0945hrs this morning but not until a large full english breakfast had been consumed by most of us. Those of us cycling didnt leave for our day ride until about 1045hrs. Because I was the only cyclist that had a cooked breakfast the other two wheelers page that i would not manage the hills! Well the truth was a little different as the picture shows- its not me walking up the last section of the hill. We cycled to Old Wardour Castle and it must be said that it was a hilly route including a 1 in 5 that even with the breakfast I was the only one of us that managed it to the top. A pleasant couple of hours was spent at the castle followed by a very interesting return route that included bridleway and single track pushing the tourers to their limits. When we got back to the farm the walkers were already back and the Hampshire group had also arrived. The cyclists now outnumber the walkers. Eleven cyclists and six walkers. This is the first time that I can remember the cyclists outnumbering the walkers at a Dorset meet.

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John Hee said...

Old Wardour Castle - a tremendously atmospheric spot

Spot Robin Hood at all?