Thursday, 8 April 2010


Yesterday started with an early morning trip to the cancer clinic in order for me to have a drug implant. After I had the implant one of the other guys asked me what I planned on doing for the rest of the day-he looked aghast when I told him that I was meeting a mate for a days cycling. He said 'you do know that these implants can make you feel really tired? I am going home for a rest'.

When I got home I must admit that I didn't feel 100%. I had also got a really bad chest cold and a sore throat-a cycle ride obviously wasn't the very best of ideas- however 1030hrs saw me meeting up with JD at the Studland ferry for our weekly ride.
JD was eager to try out the component upgrades that he had made to his tourer so the hilliest route we could think of was chosen - Creech was one of the hills along our route standing proud with it's 20% elevation road sign. At the bottom JD said 'I don't really want to do this' but we set off up the hill anyway. When I got to the top I dismounted and waited for JD- a couple of minutes later JD appeared with his legs spinning in his new 'extra' granny gear and he was actually singing-yes singing to the hill as he made his way to the top. The one thing that you can say about JD is that he never fails to surprise. Who would have thought a couple of years ago when JD got into cycling that he would turn out to be the cyclist that he has become. LEJOG and the ACCR is under his belt with another big endurance ride planned for next year and he is out each week for a ride with me- he is in fact one of the more consistent of my ex work colleagues as far as cycling is concerned. Something else that I have noticed is that he is averaging faster speeds-all good stuff.

JD and I ended up with a total distance of 61 miles BUT I paid the price as I finished exhausted. Even when we did LEJOG and the ACCR last year I never felt as tired as I did at the end of yesterdays ride. Lesson to learn? Probably not a good idea to go for a sixty mile ride if you have a really bad chest cold and have had a huge implant of drugs before you ride -but I will probably forget this next time around.

Tommorrow I am cycling over to the BPC Dorset Group spring static weekend meet. I hope to make some postings about the meet over the weekend-the weather forecast seems to look good.

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