Wednesday, 21 April 2010


I know-It's another picture of John with his arm around another cyclist. We are a little worried about John and his need to have a photograph taken whilst cuddling up to one of the local cycling community. In this case the 'lucky' guy was Jason -a long standing Team 219 member. This was the first time that Jason had been out on a bike since about last September (he has had his reasons) anyway he chose to join John and I on our regular weekly ride. I must admit we were a bit concerned whilst we were buying our Studland Ferry tickets and Jason suggested that he buy a single in case he decided to bale out at Wool and get the train back home. John and I soon put a stop to that and made him buy a return. As it turned out Jason covered 55 miles today and as I said this was his first ride for months. It just goes to prove that you cannot keep a good cyclist down. Jason has entered the Duncton Sportive with me in a few weeks time-but I think he will be pleased if he just manages to last the distance. On today's performance I think he will achieve it..............!!

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