Monday, 19 April 2010


One of the problems I find when I go out with some of my friends on regular training days is that we all seem to be at different levels. the faster guys end up waiting at points along the route for the slower guys. Nothing wrong with this as most of the regular rides tend to be as much social as performance. However today I went out on a special training ride on my own. The ride was special because I intended to do the 64 mile route with only one stop. I wanted to see how I measured up for the Sportive I am riding in just under 3 weeks time. The 64 mile route is 4 miles longer and covers 600ft more of ascent than the Sportive - If I rode today OK then I would be in with a chance to achieve my target of a silver band finish. (Last year pre the cancer I managed a bronze band finish).

The figures I managed today were encouraging- At the half way (32mile) point I was managing 17mph average speed. Unfortunately the second half of the route found me cycling in to quite a strong headwind which reduced my average to 16.5mph by the route end. The 64 mile route was completed in 3hrs 51mins. My pace was 3.37- Max speed 38.6mph - Calories burned approx 3753cals.

If I repeat this performance during the Sportive I should achieve my silver target. Obviously a lot will depend on how I feel on the day-my energy levels do tend to vary wildly with the drugs they pump in to me but I feel pleased with what I have achieved so far everything considered.

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