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Sunday 8 June 2008

The Dorset round-day 3

The weather continues to be dry hot and sunny. We broke camp at about 1000hrs and after only two hours we could be found in the corner of a field having an early lunch. Two hours more walking and we were now sitting outside the pub in Milton Abbas with a drink in our hands.
We had been told that there was a tea shop in the village, but it has now ceased trading so it had to be the pub-life is hard!
After the pub we continued north to the village of Winterborne Stickland where we knew that there was a shop where we could get ice creams and some additional supplies. Unfortunately when we arrived the shop was shut. Now this is not a problem if you have just walked around the corner but it is a heavy mental blow when you have been walking across the countryside on a very hot day. From there we carried on up a very steep hill out of the village and another two miles saw us arriving at the Inside Park camping site about a mile out of Blandford.
Luckily the camp site had a well stocked shop including bottled beer so we were able to set ourselves up for a good evening in camp. Todays picture shows the scene in camp early this morning.

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