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Sunday 8 June 2008

The Dorset round.day 4.

Phew! What a hot day, probably too hot for walking but we had 15 miles to do so we had to just get on with it. Although hot the days walking was really enjoyable. We were walking through some great countryside with some good views such as the one shown in todays photo which is of Milton Abbey School near Milton Abbas. We stopped for a drink at a pub at midday and then had a late lunch at 1500 hours close to the Dorsetshire gap. When we got to Ball hill Graham and i went on ahead as he was heading back to Dorchester to catch a train home so time was critical. We walked on together as far as the black barn where Graham turned towards the south and i carried on westwards to the Giants head campsite. I arrived at 1730 hours and the others arrived about an hour later. After pitching the tents it was a hot shower followed by a good meal. Evening was spent with camp chat. A really good day!!

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