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Friday 18 July 2008

Grand Union Canal Cyclepacking.

Tomorrow I was intending to set out on a three day cyclepacking trip from Paddington along the towpath of the Grand Union Canal to Birmingham a distance of about 140 miles.
Due to the recent death of my Father I feel that I am needed at home for now and have had to pull out from this ride. I was going to complete this ride with Howard Kelly who I understand will still be doing the route on his new Dawes bike.
I did walk this route about five years ago and I enjoyed the route very much. There is always something happening along the banks of a canal, lots of wildlife as well as people out on their boats or fishing etc. Early in the morning there is a tranquility about the canal that always seems rather special particularly when you remember that it passes right next to some very busy urban areas.
If you have never walked the length of a canal give it a try. It's easy walking compared to some of the 'wild' places that I like to backpack in but still enjoyable in it's own way. As an added bonus you will always find plenty of convenient pubs right on the canal bank-not that I would use them of course !!

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