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Wednesday, 30 July 2008

LEJOG- Training update.

We are all training for our LEJOG as often as possible. One of the main problems that we have is not being able to go out and train all together due to conflicting shift patterns. I have been building up a base fitness by cycling to work each day and then going out in the evenings for an additional 20 mile dash. This week I have had some 0400hrs starting times at work and so have been leaving home at 0325 in the mornings-this is a great time for a cycle ride-cool air and not a car on the road, perhaps we should cycle LEJOG during the nights !!!
Gareth has been out doing some 10 mile runs as part of his training programme so at least if his bike packs up on the trip he will be able to run to John o'Groats !!
John has been out each day doing a 25 mile circuit and during one of these circuits he was forced off the road by a car. It happened on a roundabout and the car cut John up forcing him in towards the curb. Johns pedal caught the edge of the curb, his front wheel turned inwards and John was launched skywards and over the handlebars. On landing Johns head made contact with the curb stone and John reckons that if he had not been wearing a helmet he would now be in hospital or worse! John sustained a bad graze on his forehead and was badly shaken up. The driver of the car either did not see what he had done or even worse saw what he had caused and decided not to stop. Lucky for John another driver did stop and gave John some help. John's bike was not badly damaged but one of his bar ends was broken off.
The important point I wish to make here is that if it was not for the LEJOG John would not
have been out on his bike. John is not a cyclist and it is only because John believes strongly in the charity that we are doing the ride to support, that he is out each day training hard on his bike. To cycle from Land's End to John o'Groats consists of more than the 9 days that we intend completing the distance in. It's all the hours of training required in order to achieve it. It's the crash that Gareth and I had on the Isle of Wight whilst training and the broken ribs that I sustained and the bad grazes to our legs and arms that we both collected- and it is the accident described above that could have had a far worse outcome for John than it did.
Please support us by going to www.justgiving.com/revproteamride and read about the charity that we are riding to support and then make a donation on line.

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