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Saturday 22 November 2008

Backpackers pre christmas meet.

This weekend some of the Dorset Backpackers group have met up for a static weekend. The location is the village of Sixpenny Handley in the north of the county. We arrived on the friday with six tents being set up and occupied by 7 hardy souls. I cycled over here on my revolution tourer and Chris and Mike had cycled here on their giant expedition bikes. The others all arrived by car. We are staying at church farm where there are no screaming kids and plenty of space as we are the only ones here. John arrived fully prepared with a pre planned route for todays walk which was good as those that know me will know that i dont do pre planned. This always slightly worries john hence the prepared route. Everyone enjoyed the walk today and now we are all back in our tents before heading off to the village pub for beer and food. An arctic blast is supposed to be heading our way so maybe we will have a colder night than the mild one we enjoyed last night.

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