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Sunday 23 November 2008

Even more from the pre Christmas meet

The Saturday night of our pre Christmas static meet was cold. The temperature at one point dropped to zero. In the early hours we had sleet which covered the tents and as dawn approached the temperature started to rise causing the frozen sleet to slide from the tent walls and leave a neat little wall of ice all round the bottom of the tents. The sleet turned to rain and eventualy the rain washed the neat little ice walls away. It continued to rain until about 1030hrs when a blue sky started to appear allowing us to start to break camp. The weekend was enjoyed by all and the walk that John led was a good one which included farm tracks-trails through the woods and a superb ridge section that offered great wide vistas across North Dorset. It is a pity that more members do not bother to attend the late Autumn and Winter meets as they are such a contrast with our last static that was held at Tom's Field. It is obvious that a camp site on a really bright warm and sunny weekend at the end of summer is going to be busy with more people and more tents and more camp traffic all of these things creating more noise and less space. Out of season it is a completly different story and in many cases such as this weekend we are the only campers in the farm field.
I have posted a selection of photos from this weekend. these include shots of some of the happy group in their tents-lunch in the woods-Graham demonstrating how he packs his Jam 2 sac and a shot of Peter doing his Ray Mears impression in his temporary shelter !!
I managed to cycle back without any rain and with bright sunshine although the gusts of wind were a bit scary on the bike.

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