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Sunday 8 November 2009

Mission Accomplished..........!!

Mission Accomplished- that was the text message I received from Dave(Broom Wagon)Vaughan this afternoon. Yes Dave has managed to beat the 'Hill of Death' on his Sunday ride today.

He tells me that on the last section of the hill where it kicks up steeply he was in bottom gear but his legs were not exactly spinning- in fact he had to talk to himself in very tough language in order to complete that final and steepest section.

But he did it and is now a full card holding member of Team 219.
Well done Dave..!

I look forward to racing him up the hill sometime in the spring just as soon as I have recovered from treatment. I always like to give a bit of a head start so keep concentrating on the training Dave I should only be about three months behind you..........!!

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Luray VA accommodations said...

I am glad to hear that - but isn’t this just reaching the minimum standard of what we would expect of our administration, and isn’t competing with the failures of the past the wrong approach?

Shouldn’t the Commission stand stronger on reducing CAP spending, fighting those member states who still live in the past instead of moving ahead?

Six weeks off.

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