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Monday, 12 July 2010


As I mentioned in my last posting I was really dissapointed not being able to go to Howard's cyclepacking weekend. It was the first time that the bloody cancer I have has stopped me doing something that I wanted to do. It almost feels like a failure.
Not wishing me to feel too left out of things the Guys sent me some pictures as the weekend unfolded.
It certainly looks as if there was a good turnout for the event judging by the first picture.
The next shot is of Howard drinking a nice cool pint. The message attached to this photo was as follows:
"This is your pint! We want paying for it. You can transfer it into Howard's account. Cheers." I won't make any further comment on that!!
The last picture is of the group on a lunch stop. Chris and Peter are demonstrating where I would have been sitting if I had managed to attend the weekend meet.
Howard is sitting there with a gash in his leg caused by him not looking where he was going-(nothing changes). That will teach him to drink my pint.....!!

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