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Wednesday 1 December 2010


Back in June when I purchased the 'Tifosi' winter training bike I said that I would need some Retro styled cycling kit to go with the retro styled paint job. It was at that time that I found Shutt Velo Rapide.

ShuttVR is a British company founded  in 2009 by two avid cyclists Alex Raistrick and Simon Warren and based in Yorkshire. The company produces cycling kit manufactured from supersoft 'merino perform' fabric. The styles get away from the modern logo festooned gaudy look and instead are based on a far more traditional style.

Before I obtained my first Shutt jersey I must admit I was a bit cautious about the purchase. Unlike a lot of people I have never really got on with Merino wool (as far as my walking and backpacking kit is concerned). Perhaps I should have persevered more because I really love the Shutt products.
Since that first jersey I bought I have purchased a further six items. The kit is well designed and of high quality and for a sportwool product they don't cost a fortune. The other thing that is important is that they are designed to fit the normal everyday shaped rider- in other words you don't have to be built like a racing ferret for this gear to fit you. Most of the jerseys do have a racing fit but it is comfortable without being too tight.

Two British Pro cycling teams  now race in Shutt clothing  and the company have also created ShuttVR CC a BC/CTT registered team .Customers have the option of becoming a team member something which I did after acquiring my first jersey.

Now I will only mention products on my blog that I have purchased and tried myself and I make no financial gain by bringing Shutt to your attention- but after having used the clothing for some time now I believe the products to be first class and have no hesitation in recommending them.

When you are next in the market for some quality cycling kit go and have a look at what Shutt has to offer- you will find them at :- www.shuttvr.com .
I have a link on my link list direct to ShuttVR.


Anonymous said...

I looked up the link and agree; they have a nice lineup of clean and classic looking jerseys, nice!

Steve A said...

Are Shutt online only or are they sold in actual stores as well? Also, have you worn their summer stuff in hot weather? I'd like to hear how the wool compares in hot weather.

TrevorW�� said...

Yes-they are very classic in design.

As far as I am aware Shutt only sell online-although for people who are close enough customers are always welcome to drop in for a coffee and a chat.
I have worn the 'Summer club jersey' the 'Continental jersey' and the 'Race team jersey' in hot weather' and they were great. I found the continental probably the coolest to wear as it is a mix of both Eyelet fabric and Sportwool.

GreenComotion said...

Very nice looking jersey, Trevor! Congrats on the jersey!!

Peace :)

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