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Wednesday 5 January 2011


In order to get the New Year off to a good start I felt that a walk was required. After all- the cycling had started well and as I type this my cycling mileage is on target.

It seems to have been a long time since I managed to get out for a decent walk.
The great thing about living where I do is that we have such a wealth of wonderful coastline that we can walk along.
Some years ago I walked the entire coast from Minehead in North Devon back home to Bournemouth. This was a distance of about 620 miles and took me five weeks. I backpacked the route camping out wild most nights. The route is a National Trail known as the South West Coast path and for anyone with some time on their hands I can certainly recommend it.
In my opinion the best sections are from Minehead to about Padstow and then from Exmouth back to Poole. The reason I say this is probably because I chose to do it during a nice hot summer and the coastal towns and villages on the Cornwall section were heaving with people.

 Anyway I digress - New Year and a walk along a short section of the Dorset coast between Swanage and Chapmans Pool and then back along the Priests way.
The entire walk is about 17 miles in length and can be very muddy and slippery in sections at this time of year so you need to be careful negotiating your way along the cliff edge. One of the nice things about walking this route during the winter is that you don't come across many other walkers even over a bank holiday.

The top photo shows a part of Seacombe Cliff close to the now disused Seacombe quarry.
The lower photo is a view of Chapman's Pool taken from the coast path near the Tumulus  at Emmetts Hill.

The Dorset Group of the Backpacker's Club has often walked this route whilst camping at Tom's Field campsite.


Carlos Ribeiro said...

Wow! Pretty pictures!


Steve A said...

The fall off that cliff would certainly be rather rough. I do hope the January hike suggests Trevor getting spry again.

I for one, agree with Carlos and would not complain about more such scenery.

Anonymous said...

Very Nice and such a beautiful harbour in your 2nd photo! I once lived in Plymouth, thoroughly enjoyed the area and have always have wanted to return. Your idea of a walk from Minehead to Bournemouth (where my husband was born) sounds like a wonderful idea. My way of keeping in touch with your corner of the world - besides your blog! - is by watching Doc Martin whenever its on and by purchasing This England 4 times a year when its published. I am very envious of you! Thanks for giving me some wonderful things to muse about. :)

John Romeo Alpha said...

A good walk does start the year off right! You've reminded me of one of my resolutions...

limom said...

Wow, how old is that quarry and why is it so close to the ocean?
Ballast perhaps?

Cinthia said...

Great! I like very much this place....great shots! Un abbraccio, Cy

Rena Starska said...

Niech Nowy Rok 2011
przyniesie Tobie radość,
miłość, pomyślność
i spełnienie wszystkich marzeń,
a gdy się one już spełnią
niech dorzuci garść nowych marzeń,
bo tylko one nadają życiu sens :)

Piękny Twój spacer i wcale nie krótki. Szczególnie w czasie,
gdy wiatr jest chłodny, bo zima :)
Pool Chapman mnie urzekło,
ale tam pięknie!

TrevorW�� said...

Thanks for the comments will try to post some more local shots again soon.

I enjoy Doc Martin too.
I have also walked back from Minehead cross country. This was much quicker (only 5 days) but it shows that if you were to put the two walks together you could have a nice circular route of just over 700 miles. Next you need to find the time to do it...!!

At one time the only way to remove the stone from the quarry was by sea as there was no suitable inland access and the cliffs were too difficult a barrier.As for why it is on the coast- well that is because that is where the highest quality stone is found in these parts.

TrevorW�� said...

Thank you for your very kind comments and I wish the same for you in 2011.

I am pleased that you found the picture of Chapman's Pool captivating.

The bike shed said...

I was hoping the BPC would organsie a walk near there this year . Tom's Field? Is that near to Swanage?

TrevorW�� said...

Hi Mark,
Yes it's at Langton Matravers, Nr Swanage.BH19 3HN
Maps OL15 or LR90 SY995785

J_on_tour said...

I love the Dorset coastline, so many interesting features. This reminds me of a visit to nearby Lulworth a few years ago. Would have liked to do some walking but had to be content with the tourist thing as i was travelling by plane. Some nice places around Swanage like Corfe and Wareham I remember.

TrevorW�� said...

Hi J,
I feel so lucky - as you say the Dorset coastline has such interesting features. Really good for a 'local' walk. Your memory serves you right - towns such as Corfe & Wareham are close to Swanage and all of them are on my regular cycling loop. Great place to live - and I can see my beloved Isle of Wight from my living room window.

GreenComotion said...

It is a bliss to be able to walk and enjoy the nature. The photos are quite lovely. Thanks for teaching me something about your stomping grounds.

Peace :)

MrDaveyGie said...

WoW Trevor, beautiful sights. Thanks for sharing.

Kenneth Larsson said...

Beautiful landscape! I realli like it!

Have a nice evening!

Dan O said...

Nice shots. I always enjoying pictures from where other people may reside - very cool.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for your nice comment! You have too fine photos here, so I follow!

Linda said...

Hi Trevor, Happy New Year! I love your captures of Seacombe Cliff and Chapman's Pool....They are beautiful!! It must be exhilarating to walk the 17 miles and camp out too with your friends...Thanks a lot for visiting my site and leaving your very inspiring comments, as I enjoy your wonderful blog..Cheers, Linda

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